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Nova Scotia
The Scots were, arguably, the first settlers on this province, hence the proud Latin name, Nova Scotia, translating as 'New Scotland'. Nova Scotia is also awash with French and English settlers but it is perhaps the Scottish influence that really sticks in your mind as you wander over conifer-covered highland and stumble across a kilt-clad man playing the bagpipes.
Nova Scotia seems to precariously hang off the mainland by a narrow isthmus. It is therefore understandably celebrated for its watery wonders. The residents of Nova Scotia are justly proud of their miles upon miles of beautiful, sandy coast and many lakes and rivers. Sampling some of the delicious sea produce is a must, from the ubiquitous lobster (Nova Scotia is the world's largest lobster exporter) to fresh scallops from Digby.
If you prefer to look at marine life rather than eat it, what can be more relaxing than watching whales gracefully cruising off the coast? If you want to actually get in the water, Nova Scotia is also hugely popular when it comes to canoeing and kayaking.
In what is a mostly rural province, visitors are always spoiled, whether by the coastal fringe or simply inland. Valleys and highlands dominate the landscape, and bears and coyote happily traverse it.

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